Spencer Stitch Suture Scissors 3.5″ Surgical Veterinary | GS1310

Spencer Stitch Suture Scissors 3.5″ Surgical Veterinary | GS1310

Spencer Stitch Scissor 4.5″ Surgical | GS1309

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Hook At End Of Blade
Made In High Stainless Steel
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Hook, crescent-shaped tip is perfect for suture removal applications.
Antiglare coating for non-reflective experience.
Comfortable handle for user control and stability.
Made from premium grade stainless steel.
Tip configuration: Crescent/hook.;
Pacifated Autoclavable !!
Ultrasonic Cleaned
Rust Free !!
100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed !!
‣ 4.50" SPENCER SUTURE SCISSORS: The G.S Online Store suture scissors are primarily used for suture removal for medical, dental and veterinary applications. They measure 4.50"
and have smaller tips designed to perfectly remove smaller sutures.
‣ SMALL HOOK ON BLADE FOR EASY OPERATION: These suture scissors have a small hook shaped tip on one blade that slides under sutures to slightly lift them before cutting for
removal. This effective design ensures that the suture does not slip off the scissors prior to cutting.
‣ MADE OF HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Constructed of durable premium medical grade stainless steel, these spencer suture scissors are reusable and corrosion resistant. They
will not bend, break or tarnish on you and are built to be used over and over through many successful procedures.
‣ PRECISION PERFORMANCE FOR IDEAL OPERATION: Using these suture scissors will be simple and practical, as they offer a high degree of precision and flexibility when performing
clinical procedures which require a high quality + effective instrument.
‣ 100% SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: The G.S Online Store Dental Suture Scissors are hot drop-forged instruments that meet ASTM and FDA requirements. Suitable for Veterinary clinics,
medical / dental practices, hospitals, emt emergency + medic kits and many more!

This hook also holds the suture so it does not slip off the blade of the scissors prior to cutting.
This pair of Dental Suture Spencer Scissors has a 4-1/2" length, with smaller, more delicate tips that are perfect for removing smaller sutures. They should not be used for cutting
This product is straight with smooth, blunt/blunt tips and a length of 4-1/2 inches.

These Spencer Suture Removal Scissors 4.50" are dependable, and will last for many years of use. They can easily be sterilized and autoclaved without fear, which makes them a
perfect instrument to add to your emegency medic kit, medical office, nursing kit and more.
Look to G.S Online Store for all of your medical instrument needs, including our full line of suture scissors.
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